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Скачать с ютуб What I found on the internet #2

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And here are the credits from the videos that I have used.
This is the credits where i get the videos.
-Links has been removed.
Thank you!

Sound of pain - @OREOS: First you twist it, then you... oh, it broke. :/
Dog with funny walk - @annasahakyan11
Basket ball - @wave.tv
Dance dog - @9Gag
Funny cat - @9Gag
the neighbor - @jaihergodsil
Dogs at the window - @u/mac_is_crack
monkey - @Newsflare
Fall from stairs - @Humor Secreto
Dogs at live tv - @Tv online
Bear - @gfycat
muscle vs brain - @remzi999
Girl Thought Jumping On A Baby Changing Table - @Viralsnare
Monk - @vunglomlalaiy
Dog on the beach - @NerissaaEmy
That face - @lloydbreier
Fishing - @bilibili
ice cream - @u/AtomicCypher
cat - @gif-vif
Mask - @hatieumac
Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu - @kontraband
Sheeps - @Jane_Doyle_EJD
Father of the year - @9GAG
ham cat - @Pound NiBBa
Dog and yoga - @meellooddy
Dive jump 1 - @Movimento Alcolico
dive jump 2 - @u/Kow3
jump 1 - @Viralsnare
jump 2 - @Funny Videos By Kashi
jump 3 - @gif-vif
Cat - @Жизнь Замечательная Штука
Cross the bridge - @bero2correia
Jump trick - @jenny morris
Dog - @jenny morris
high jump fail - @9Gag
Hit the door - @extinguiendonos
Dog standing in water - @AdamantAnarchy
watermelon - @u/kuttakameena7654321
Cat interrupts live tv - @Global news
A bear,man and tree - @smile025live
Fast dog - @u/JeMakes2002
the trick - @u/memezzer
Stubborn Doggos Fighting Over A Ball - @Viralsnare
washing machine - @ช็อตนี้ต้องดู
the dog smiles - @fleetwoodjamie
Car wash - @Сарказм

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