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1:Conor mcgregor steals jose Aldos belt in this pre match press conference

2:This next fighter dislocates his shoulder celebrating this win by doing the worm dance

3:Manny pacquiao can’t stop laughing in this staredown

4:This next referee accidentally gets a full power kick to his ribs

5:This next mma fighter moves like a street fighter character

6:This next fighter gets a dose of instant karma when he showboats mid fight

7:Tyson fury in this fight accidentally punches himself in the face

8:These two fighters knock each other out at the exact same time

9:This boxer drops his phone in the middle of this fight and the ref picks it up

10:This fake conor mcgregor wannabe gets knocked out in this fight

11:Fighter billy joe saunders son hits the other fighter in the balls before hes taken away by security

12: this next referee steals the show in every fight he referees, his facial expressions and behaviour is hilarious

13: While celebrating this boxer goes to jump on the ropes but falls out of the ring

14: This next mma fighter celebrate his win by celebrating like a dinosaur

15: this next boxer puts in a bit too much energy and falls out the ring

16: Deontay wilder makes this corona girl jump after shouting

17: This boxer who dances onto the canvas gets way too cocky until hes knocked out

18: The fighter who is clearly winning this match taps out to save his opponent from further injury

19: the winner of this mma fight backflips off the octagon but lands on the camera man

20: this 2.6 mma fighter makes his opponent look like a child and treat him like one

21: this fighter was once accused of sexual harassment so this fighter refuses to go near this ring girl

22: this next ring girl can’t keep her eyes off this fighter preparing for his weigh in

23 this boxers mother steps in the ring and stops the other fighter from hitting her son

24: this policeman can’t stop looking away from this female mma fighter despite bis best efforts

25: this mma fighter accidentally punches this ring girl behind him