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Jizan - 20 April 2015\r
1. Pan of Saudi military vehicles on hills overlooking Yemen, seen from Saudi border \r
2. Saudi soldier behind sandbags looking through binoculars into Yemen\r
3. Close of Saudi soldier looking through binoculars\r
4. Saudi soldier aiming from behind sandbag barricade\r
5. Close of Saudi soldier firing at a target across border in Yemen\r
6. Artillery being fired towards Yemen, UPSOUND (Arabic): \"God is greatest!\" \r
7. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Brigadier General Merey al-Shahrani, Commander of Saudi Forces in Jizan:\r
\"It (the shooting) is against moving targets on the international border, and we are dealing with them directly from here.\"\r
8. Saudi soldiers seen through opening in a military tent\r
9. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Brigadier General Merey al-Shahrani, Commander of Saudi Forces in Jizan: \r
\"The situation is very good, and there is not any threat in the area of Jizan.\"\r
10. Close of artillery shells\r
11. Artillery cannon, soldiers in background\r
12. Military truck and tent\r
13. Military vehicles driving toward the Saudi-Yemeni border\r
14. Vehicle stuck in sand\r
15. Soldiers positioned on the Saudi-Yemeni border with military vehicle\r
16. Various of soldiers seen through tent near a sandbagged border position\r
Saudi forces were patrolling the kingdom's lengthy southern border with war-torn Yemen on Monday, firing guns and artillery at targets moving in the hilly terrain just beyond.\r
Saudi Arabia has been carrying out airstrikes for the past three weeks against Yemen's Iran-backed Shiite rebels known as Houthis and their allies, forces loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. \r
Saudi troops have been boosted along its mountainous border provinces of Najran and Jizan. \r
Since the airstrikes began, Saudi soldiers and Houthis frequently fire mortar shells and sniper fire at one another from across the border.\r
Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry said on Monday that one of the kingdom's border guards was killed and two others were wounded from gunfire and mortar shells fired from inside Yemen.\r
The Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement that border guards in the province of Najran came under heavy fire late on Sunday night from Yemen. \r
It did not specify who the attackers were.\r
At least six other Saudi soldiers have been killed in separate incidents this month in clashes with the Houthis along the border with Yemen.\r
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