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Скачать с ютуб CECC prescribes stopgap treatments for high-risk dental patients

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Dental professionals are at a higher risk for COVID infection, since procedures like teeth cleaning generate aerosols from the patient’s mouth. The Central Epidemic Command Center says precautions should be taken when providing the essential service of dental care. One dental clinic announced Sunday that it’s switching from high-speed hand tools to more basic instruments that reduce splash and splatter.

Before seeing patients, these dentists not only don a mask, goggles and gown. They also wear face shields for an extra layer of protection from infection.

Lee Chia-yen
Taiwan Adventist Hospital
We at the dental office call up the patients before their appointment to see if they have respiratory tract symptoms, unexplained diarrhea or fever, etc.

These are all safeguards against infection during dental work, via the patient’s saliva and nasal droplets. Dentists have grown increasingly cautious, after it was reported that Patient #881 had seen a dentist while running a fever. CECC chief Chen Shih-chung has issued a notice to hospitals, saying that in these extraordinary times, dentists can simplify their care for potential COVID patients to prevent aerosol spray.

Chen Shih-chung
Central Epidemic Command Center
At hospitals, if the patient could potentially have COVID or other related infectious diseases, general dental treatments should be simplified. Simplification means choosing stopgap measures.

Lee Chia-yen
Taiwan Adventist Hospital
We can choose equipment that doesn’t produce aerosols. For example, before we might have used high-speed tools or ultrasonic hand-held tools for cleaning teeth. Now we might clean teeth manually.

Amid the pandemic, asymptomatic carriers can easily become a contagion risk. Dental professionals have become more alert and raised their safety standards to prevent the virus from spreading.