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Rethinking Education III | Beyond the School Gates: the role of schools in the wellbeing of communities  

Throughout the pandemic, schools have played a central role in the wellbeing of local communities, especially in the most disadvantaged areas. School leaders have provided high quality and safe learning environments, reassurance for staff, parents and students and maintained critical relationships with other key providers of support for the health and well-being of children and families.  

The idea that schools are self-contained institutions, responsible only for academic development, is increasingly at odds with the realities of their role. What has the pandemic revealed about schools’ interconnectedness with their communities?  How do we build more sustainable models that recognise schools as civic organisations, essential to wider community wellbeing?  

Join us for a new series of Rethinking Education events, bringing together respected practitioners, policymakers and thinkers, to discuss whether the challenges that emerged during the Covid-19 crisis might, in fact, be opportunities to build consensus across political divides and different traditions in teaching and learning.  

Each event in the series focuses on one of the key moments of crisis for education during the pandemic, through the lens of either Creativity, Capability or Community - the three pillars of the RSA’s new education programme examining how we can build a more equitable and inclusive education system.

Speakers: Joy Madeiros, Global CEO, Oasis; Joan Deslandes, Principal, Kingsford Community School; Kirsten Naudé, Head of Strategy and Programmes, Children \u0026 Young People, London Borough of Newham; James Kempton, Chair, Oldham Opportunity Area
Chair: Matthew Taylor, FRSA


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